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 Awards Eligibility 2020 

It's nominations time and I have two short stories eligible for awards this year: "Rentre" and "Faith in an Old Friend." Thanks for your time & consideration!



 Rentre: A story of possession 

Short Story | Horror / Fantasy | Published: Oct 2020 in Gambit Weekly Issue 41, Number 41

"Rentre: A Story of Possession" was featured in the special Halloween issue of Gambit Weekly. Read it for free here on the Gambit Weekly website.

Deja picks up a latenight passenger from New Orleans airport and finds herself pulled into an exorcism and a surprise amputation. Just another night in the French Quarter.


 Faith in an old friend 

Short Story | Science Fiction | Published: Nov 2020 in From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back

"Faith in an Old Friend" was featured in the Star Wars anniversary anthology published by Del Rey. Please consider the other excellent SF stories featured in this brilliant anthology edited by Elizabeth Schaefer and Tom Hoeler. More information about the book is available here and an excerpt of my story is available here.

Years after the droid L3-37 had her consciousness uploaded into computer of the ship the Millennium Falcon, she suddenly has the chance to reunite with her former partner—Lando Calrissian.

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