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Wow…guys…it’s been a long time, right? What’s up with this blog?

What a good question…


Well now that that awkward moment is out of the way. Hey everybody! I missed you guys! Thanks you to everyone who’s stuck around through the 3-month hiatus (yikes!). I really appreciate y’all.

I’ll be really honest here, I muddled myself all up with a rookie blogger mistake.


I started without a clear plan. No goals, no topics, nothing. I was writing from the heart but after a while I ran out of things to gab about and I lost sight of one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog in the first place.

I love stories. Telling stories, sharing stories, hearing stories. And what I really want to do, with this blog especially, is to tell my own stories and help you guys tell yours. If you’re new here (welcome, have a look around) you may not know that I’m an actor, writer, and (this is new for everyone so pay attention) Social Media Marketing Consultant. Uh-oh (turns out this was the dream job I was looking for that doesn’t make me want to die).

Just to be clear you’ll still hear some of my stories (we’ll save those for Saturdays). And EGOTist is still about reinvention and ambition but I’m bringing you guys along with me. I’ll be talking Acting, Work, Social Media, Self-Improvement, and Writing.

Expect changes to the website & a possible move from WordPress (we’ll see how things go…).

It’s early enough in the game that I’m open to requests so tell me what you like, what you hate, what you want more of, and anything that you want me to start.

Here’s to Reinvention and Ambition in 2016!

How do you want to improve yourself or your skills in 2016? What’s one goal you have for this year?


The EGOTist

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