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Break’s Over, Back to Work & the New York Hustle

Y’all, I had to take a break.

I’m still finding my way with this blog and a lot has been happening in real life. On top of the usual efforts of job hunting, temping, and auditioning I had a death in my family and I booked a show. Like I said before, I’m really good at running myself into the ground (being equal parts workaholic and lazy will do that to a person). So I took some time off from writing after my daily post blitz. I also took some real time off following my 14-day work-straviganza.

I finally watched Star Wars Episodes IV & V (I know I’m super late…). I re-watched a bit of A Different World with someone who’s never seen it before. My cousin came up to visit and we had dinner in Chinatown (I love shrimp wonton soup!) and went to the beach. I even baked sugar cookies! Now that I write all that down it doesn’t look like much of a break…

I’m not going to shame myself for missing out on posting, I clearly needed the brain break. All I can do is get back into the swing of posting (see, I’m already being kinder to myself).

September’s already pretty packed though… My little brother is about to make me an aunt, my show, A Lovely Malfunction, opens next Friday and I’m finally getting to film with the guys at ReelArc, The Shakespeare Society’s 2015/16 season is starting Tuesday, the 1 year anniversary of Show:Up! is the following Tuesday, and I’m still searching for a parallel career and more acting work. Again, writing this down is looking a lot more intense than it sounded in my head…

Sidebar: Thank you to everyone who follows this blog! Even if you haven’t officially subscribed I appreciate each one you my readers so much. Don’t hesitate to comment or drop me a line, we’re all friends here. Also let me know if you have a blog (Tumblr, WordPress, Blogspot, whatever), I’m looking for more to follow.

How did you spend the unofficial last day of summer? What are your favorite ways to take a break.


The EGOTist

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