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Happy Monday, y’all! I come bearing amazing news. My debut novel, THAT SELF-SAME METAL, has both a cover AND a release date! *cue the raucous cheering* That’s right, now you’ll know exactly when you can have this book in your very own hands.

So, without further ado, here’s the cover.

A Cover for the Ages

Isn’t she glorious? Before I do anything else, I want to thank Fernanda Suarez for the beautiful illustration, Chelsea Hunter for the amazing cover design, and Ayana Gray for this blurb that makes me tear up whenever I read it! Y’all are total rockstars because LOOK AT THIS COVER!!

THAT SELF-SAME METAL is my debut YA historical fantasy and Book 1 in the FORGE & FRACTURE SAGA trilogy. It’s out April 25, 2023, but available for pre-order right now from the bookstore or site of your choice! You can also add it on Goodreads.

What Is That Self-Same Metal?

Now I know you’re wondering, “Brittany, what is this book even about?” Don’t worry, I got you.

Sixteen-year-old Joan Sands creates and maintains the stage blades for William Shakespeare’s acting company, the King’s Men, using her magical ability to control metal—a power gifted by the Orisha, Ogun.
Joan and her family have always been aware of the Fae’s presence within London society—subtle, peaceful, and marked by the faint glow that only those blessed by the Orisha can see. When England’s new king fails to uphold the pact between his realm and theirs, brutal attacks forewarn the approach of a malevolent presence. After Joan wounds a powerful Fae and saves the son of a cruel lord, she finds herself thrown into the middle of the approaching war between the human and Fae worlds.
Swashbuckling, romantic, and full of the sights and sounds of Shakespeare’s London, That Self-Same Metal delivers an unforgettable story—and a heroine unlike any other.

Want to Get It Now? Bet.

Sound like something you need on your shelf? Go ahead and pre-order THAT SELF-SAME METAL wherever you buy books, add on Goodreads, or request it at your local library. I know April 25th feels far away but we’re just getting started with bringing you goodies about this book. Keep your eyes here for more juicy book bits and pop down to the footer to subscribe to my newsletter so you'll always stay in the know!

Much love!


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