• Brittany N Williams

Gurl, Where You Been??

Hi, hi, hello! Welcome or welcome back to those of you who've rocked with me for a while. It's been a minute since I last blogged, as you can tell from the date of my last post. Let me tell you, a lot has changed since then. Take a walk with me, will you?

In the last few years, I've done a grip of plays and readings, I've been on TV a couple times, I moved from New York to New Orleans, got married, had a baby, became the Co-Artistic Director of a local theatre company, and sold a YA trilogy of books to a major publisher. And sometimes I've even managed to sleep.

But one thing I've really wanted was to get back to blogging. I really enjoyed this long-form sharing of my thoughts and life; I feel like you all enjoyed it too. But, chile, life is stacked with leading a theatre company, auditioning for everything my agent sends me, writing book 2 of this trilogy, and raising this tiny boy.

So, I'll be posting here at least once a month and you'll be in for book updates, behind-the-scenes acting and theatre boss stuff, and book/TV/film recommendations [I promise, my taste is impeccable]. If you're into that, sign up for my newsletter too, and never miss a moment.

Much love to you all,


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