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Missed Mark: Spotlight on My Failed First Professional Article

So a couple weeks ago I applied for my first staff writer position. Terrifying. I didn’t get the job but I thought I’d share the article I submitted for consideration. I don’t think it’s quite up to snuff but it’s the first time I’ve submitted any of my writing for professional consideration (I’m taking that as a win). Enjoy y’all.


The EGOTist

3 Things That’ll Totally Kill the Mood in Your Interview

Congratulations! You’ve been screened and out of hundreds of candidates you’ve scored the coveted interview. You’re in. Basically. Almost. Put in your research, show off your sparkling personality, and they’ll love you. No problem at all, except a few. Beware or these 3 missteps may turn your flawless victory into an epic defeat.

1. You’re too early.

You know the adage: To be early is to be on time. But arriving an hour before your appointment is more likely to lose you points. Your interviewer is not going to see you that far ahead of schedule and many offices have small reception areas. You’ll spend the next sixty minutes sandwiched on a sofa while the receptionist awkwardly tries to avoid eye contact. Worse? You get front row seats as all the other candidates parade past you. Awkward.

The Fix:

Arrive 15 – 20 minutes early. Now you have enough time to settle in and collect yourself and your interviewer has enough notice to finish off whatever they may be working on before meeting with you. If you arrive earlier than that, grab a coffee in the area or take a moment to review your resume and talking points in the lobby.

2. You’re underdressed.

The invitation said business casual but you leaned a little too far on the causal side. Your best jeans aren’t quite matching up to the rest of the office’s slacks and ties. Worse? You picked the perfect outfit right out of the bottom of your hamper. Wrinkled and sloppy, you might as well have rolled straight out of bed and into the interview.

The Fix:

Check the company’s social media and website to gauge how their employees dress. Once you get a good sense of their style, go just a little more corporate than you observe. It’s better to be slightly overdressed than under and you can always relax a little once you get hired. Prep your outfit the night before and sneak in a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning. Pro tip: Wear something flattering that makes you feel attractive and powerful and play some soothing music while you get ready.

3. You smell.

Your deodorant quit halfway through your six block trek from the subway. The onion bagel you scarfed down for breakfast is the lingering sort. Your blazer is two wears past its date with a dry cleaner. In short, you reek. Worse? A cloud of eau de parfum heralds your arrival and memorializes you after your departure. The olfactory assault triggers a severe allergic reaction for you interviewer and you find out first-hand how to administer Epinephrine.

The Fix:

Keep a travel-sized deodorant and gum or mints in your bag. Use your 15-minute cushion to pop off to the bathroom and quickly freshen up. Avoid perfumes of colognes completely. Several people have allergies to certain scents and it’s best not to send your interviewer to the ER. If you absolutely must wear your signature scent, apply it lightly before you put on your (perfectly prepared) clothes.

Crisis averted! You’re set for success armed with these handy tips, your perfect resume (that got you in the door in the first place), and a bit of confidence. Make sure you’ve done your research on the company (an absolute must) and go get that dream job!

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