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The EGOTist On: Being Kind to Yourself

I am ruthless. Like stone cold, unforgiving. Unless you ask someone else.


Because I treat others the way I’d want to be treated but treat myself more poorly than I could ever fathom treating another person.

It’s why I hate listening to myself sing and reading my own writing. In others I see potential, in myself I see only flaws that need correcting.

Prime example: I didn’t post yesterday because I spent most of the day with a friend and the rest of the day locked out of my apartment. I’ve been chastising myself for it all day. Now if a friend came to me with the same issue I’d just tell them to post the next day and no skipping a single day didn’t make them a bad person.

It’s something a lot of us do so I’m not alone in this self-abuse (because abuse is what it is). But I definitely want to stop.

Pretty sure I get hung up in 4 ways:

1. I’m a perfectionist. To me, for me things are right or wrong. There is no in between. 2. I am constantly thinking and analyzing. I pick things apart and examine them from every possible angle. 3. I have somewhat ridiculous (I’d say lofty but I know 1 person who’d say absurd and unreasonable) expectations for myself. 4. I feel personally responsible for how other people treat me.

The way I treat myself is unhealthy. We should give ourselves the same level of love, kindness, and understanding that we offer others. I’m my own worst critic and that inner critic is friggen Gordon Ramsay. WTF? Who can function with that constantly yapping away in her head?

This is another place where I’m not sure of the fix but I think awareness and a desire to change go a long way.

Are yyou as kind to yourself as yyou are to others? How do you treat yourself better?


The EGOTist

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