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The EGOTist On: Giving Up

I’m a chronic dropper. Samsung’s Gorilla Glass is the only reason I still have a phone or a tablet (you’d think they were slathered in butter with the way they slip out of my hands). But what I drop best are projects. Like super easy for me to do. Either some fresher idea comes along or I hit a point of frustration and find myself so far behind schedule that I just give up.

My jogging plan lasted a full week and a half, my 2 NaNoWriMo winning novels are hanging out on my hard drive incomplete, hell my Sky High/Sailor Moon crossover hasn’t been updated since ’08 because I wrote myself into a corner. That feeling of futility makes me bail before I can actually fail. It’s 1-part ego, 2-parts fear, and 100% disguised as laziness (totally shitty recipe, falls faster than a souffle on a subwoofer).

I find myself at that point right now with this blog. I figured setting post dates would keep me on track but the first time I couldn’t stick to my original posting plan I completely panicked. I’m having mental blocks creating my editorial calendar and getting ahead on posts. I thought 3 articles a week was too much so I dropped it down to 2. Now I feel myself losing momentum twice as fast (opposite outcome…#fml).

Writing this post inspired a possible solution. Post every day. Doesn’t matter how long it is, a piece of writing will be posted here every day. It’ll actually be more of a challenge than before but I’m not going to let my usual fear help me bomb this blog. If we should fail? We fail? But screw your courage to the sticking place, and we’ll not fail (bonus points if you know where that’s from).

What bad habits of yours disguise fear? How can you overcome it?


The EGOTist

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