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The EGOTist On: Living Your Best Life

So yesterday I was in crisis. Again (they happen a lot, the curse of thinking too much). I’m not living my best life. I know that I’m not. Cause for panic, right?

But here was the bigger question. What is living my best life? Like what does it actually look like? The nebulous (favorite word right now), vague idea of “not this” only incites panic and creates stress. It doesn’t make me proactive. Identifying the issue is step 1 and I hadn’t even finished that yet. So let’s get to it.

I, The EGOTist, am living my best life if I am…

• Booking enough NYC acting and writing work to not just live but LIVE adventurously • Signed with a paid agent who gets me the appointments I want and the ones I didn’t know I was perfect for • Earning enough money for my expenses, my needs, my wants, my savings, and a couple vacations • Earning passive income (passive income is the key, y’all) • Working from audition repertoire full of songs and monologues that showcase me best • Having CDs think of me when they’re casting for a high-profile show • Never worrying about a late post with EGOTist • Receiving offers for highly-paid freelance writing assignments from top publications

There you have it. Is that absolute? No but it’s what I feel right now and it can grow, evolve, or change completely. What’s important is that now that I have a destination I can start taking steps to get there (that’s where the S.M.A.R.T. goals come in, they’ll change your life).

It’s important to write this stuff down, to have a tangible visual representation of your goals (shout out to William at The WBM Group, his coaching is off the charts). I’ll probably double mine up on my white board and my vision board (it’s due for an overhaul). I’ll give you 1 question today since it’s a big ‘un.

What does living your best life look like?


The EGOTist

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