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The EGOTist On: Overworking Yourself

Last Monday was the start of a 13-day work week (that I arranged for myself somewhat accidentally) and I’m starting to falter. It may be because when I got home at 4:45am I went back to sleep instead of staying up. Or I could just be regular tired.

Aside from my current temp assignment (which is a steady 9:30 – 5/5:30) the rest of my near double week notched itself into place nearly without my notice. I blame my job search and the mercurial nature of an acting career. They’re making me anxious and trigger happy right now. Add to that my tendency to dive into new experiences and my difficulty giving quick responses to scheduling questions and you have the recipe for this current mess: Mon – Fri ushering at a law firm, Tues job interview & audition, Wed – Fri rehearsal after work, Sat – Sun working as a rehearsal prompter at a major theatre, Mon – Fri ushering at a law firm, Tue – Fri rehearsal after work (I’m just trying to make it to this weekend).

I need to go back to using a day planner because I remember things better (meaning actually remember them) when I write them down by hand (even if I never look at it again). It’s handy having instant access to my calendar and having it sync to my phone, tablet, & any computer I can pull Google up on but it’s clearly not effectively helping me manage my time. I may even need to invest in a wall calendar so I can see my agenda first thing in the morning and before I go to bed.

Right now I’m beat. I need a nap, a hug, some chamomile tea, and some comfort food.

How do you manage your time?


Theb (exhausted) EGOTist

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