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The EGOTist On: Projecting Success

I want to be my best for you guys. Write my best, look my best, and only report on quality stuff. The perfectionist in me took control. I had to show how much of The EGOTist I had embodied. It became less about the process of discovery and more about the final product. If I hadn’t overcome it yet, it wasn’t time to write about it.

In my head I had to present this image of success. It’s like I forgot the description that I wrote (I wrote it myself how could I forget it). It added to my mental blockage, ruling out writing about all of these changes I hadn’t succeeded in making.

But why?

I felt I had to make myself worthy of the title of EGOTist. Like some title police would step in and snatch it from me if they found me lacking (it’s not even a real thing & if it was I’d only accept judgment from someone internationally certified or Jesus).

There’s not going to be a test or an audition or a final evaluation from the WordPress police. I can literally write whatever I want (within reason…Haha sike, get ready). I can chronicle the good and the bad and be candid and honest.

There’s a certain egotistical and EGOTistical freedom in that.


The EGOTist

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