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The EGOTist On: Straight Outta Compton

So I think I’ve got to get this off my chest before my brain will let me write anything else. Straight Outta Compton was Amazing! Like the night after I saw it I dreamt that I was telling people they had to go see it because it’s a great film.

No I’m not a hardcore hip-hop head (or even a mild one) so that aspect didn’t hit me as hard as it does some. What I definitely am though is a movie lover and, more than that, a black person in America.

This is such a well-structured, beautifully shot film. It’s a bit heavy-handed at times but what self-produced biopic isn’t?  The only issue I have with the film (& with hip-hop in general) is its blatant use of women as trophies and status symbols (& I can never forget that disgustingly racist casting notice). It fails the Bechdel test and, in my opinion, fails the Sexy Lamp test as well. It also leaves out all of the women Dr. Dre beat the shit out of (unrepentantly until very recently). But there are lots of boobs, like a lot. Like a gratuitous amount of breasts (I like breasts but after a while all I could think was “ugh, more?”).

I spent the entire beginning of the movie holding back tears. The absence of any iota of respect for black lives is always excruciating to be reminded of: from the drug dealers to the gang members to the police. Of course things are ramped up and made more dramatic for the screen but it wasn’t by much.

See this film (if you’re on a budget, see a matinee like I did). Even if you’re not a hardcore hip-hop or N.W.A. fan (Lord knows I’m not but I at least knew a chorus of the hits. I can sing you the whole opening theme of Slayers Next. #nerd) see this film.

Have you seen Straight Outta Compton? What would you name your first album?


The EGOTist

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