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The Great Wardrobe Purge of 2015 or How Fit & Flare Died


A sunny Sunday afternoon in June. I’d just dragged myself out of bed after four hours of improv the day before and bolstered by the cute outfits I’d worn in the shows, I mentioned wanting to update my wardrobe. My roommates took a deep breath and shared a look. Ominous. Uh oh. This wasn’t going to be just a chat. This was…an intervention.

It’s not that I hadn’t been thinking about it. I’d been researching branding and marketing; how to run my acting business like the savviest of entrepreneurs. I already knew my headshots and website needed updates to deliver a consistent perspective of my brand. I just didn’t realize that my “packaging”, my entire look, needed a complete overhaul. I’m a function over fashion kinda lady.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll go all out for a special occasion. I spent waaaay too much money on my senior prom I looked Fantastic! But for the average day comfort has always been key. Mind, I’m not a complete disaster but I’d never be accused of being fashion forward. I find a trend I like and stick to it. And as my friends eviscerated my wardrobe I was forced to face some harsh truths about myself and my mentality.

My closet was full of things that helped me hide. High necklines and low hemlines. Ballet flats, skater skirts, swing dresses, silhouettes designed to conceal hips and thighs and butts. All things tight, short, and sexy was shoved to the back and held onto in case of fashion emergencies that never happened (or at least not in my opinion).


(The old. Cute but not cutting it.)

Highest in the rotation were the clothes that made me look cute, nonthreatening, and inconspicuous. Now there’s nothing wrong with looking cute, nonthreatening, and inconspicuous. I could navigate a contented life as cute, nonthreatening, and inconspicuous. But I’m going to be a star, an EGOTist, so cute, nonthreatening, and inconspicuous will be taken out back and shot.

So here I am left with a slimmer wardrobe and the mission to only wear things that make me feel Beautiful and Powerful. And you know, it’s been a fun change.

What are your safe, go to outfits? What are you too shy to wear?


The EGOTist

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