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Wizards & Demons & Dinosaurs: Simple Literary Self-Analysis

Bibliophile (noun): one who loves books; me.

My top 3 favorite books: Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones The Broken Kingdom by NK Jemisin Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Each of these books says something about me (as do your favorites). About how I see myself, the person I aspire to be, how I conquer problems, or where my interests lie. Take this as strong recommendations for each one as they’re all close to my heart.

Let’s try a bit of psychoanalysis with these, a biblioscope of you will.

Howl’s Moving Castle You enjoy adventure and the fantastic but feel unworthy of an exciting life. Though you are often oblivious to the superlative traits others find obvious you have absolute confidence in your more practical abilities. Your quick mind makes you great to have in a crisis and your most witty retorts come to you when their target is out of hearing range. Your kind nature draws people to you and others find it easy to confide in you. A change of appearance will boost your confidence and prove that you’re more than you ever anticipated. Small town life is not for you.

The Broken Kingdom You are an artist though an inability to see your own work means you may not realize how good you are. You are surrounded by people you deem more powerful and talented but you are determined not to show how intimidated you may feel. Life experiences have made you considerate of others while loneliness and a sense of commitment may sometimes tie you into unhealthy relationships. Trying to do the right thing may explode up in your face leaving you reeling but not changing your mind. At heart though, you believe in the goodness of people.

Jurassic Park You love the science of creation and solving problems. Knowledge and a quick mind trump brute strength for you although you can appreciate (and utilize) the opposite in others. You can keep a cool head in the early stages of a crisis and are good at suppressing your own panic for the good of the group. You have an eye for scoping out dangerous situations except when your excitement overrides your common sense. You desire adventure but understand that every dream come true has the potential to become a nightmare. And dinosaurs, you love dinosaurs.

How’d I do? Maybe I could write these for real.

What are your favorite books? What protagonists do you find yourself drawn to?


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