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Short Stories

Short Stories

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The Holidaymaker: A Christmas Invasion Tale

"The color of the woman’s shirt flickered suddenly like a fritzing hologram, then disappeared as her entire chest lifted and just slid to the left. A light clicked on in the small compartment where her internal organs should be, revealing a tiny creature in an equally tiny jump seat. It looked to be a miniature version of the woman, only slightly stranger. Long brownish-blondish hair hung down over its shoulders in loose waves framing a pale, noseless gray face with huge dark eyes."

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Never a Gentle Master

"Daddy finally reached the house, grunting as he tried not to jostle his burden. Up close, Kae could see that it was a boy, his skin ashen and covered with blood. Daddy stumbled as he ran up the porch stairs, and as Kae reached out to steady him, one of the boy’s bloody hands brushed her face. She felt a jolt, like someone pinched her.

This one…. Yes…."

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Rentre: A Story of Possession

"The woman’s gaze burned; the intense blue eyes blazed in the darkness.

Deja’s hands clenched on the steering wheel. She wasn’t usually so easily spooked but that brief glance had left her heart racing in her chest.

“What’s wrong, girl?” Jessica cooed, her voice drifting from the backseat like a whisper. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”"

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Faith in an Old Friend

"Still true, though. L3-37 would’ve shrugged here if it had been the old days. The days before she’d been uploaded to the Falcon and had become one of the three droid brains that made up the ship’s computer.

She’d built herself such good shoulders, too."



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Westworld Recap: Contrapasso

"We drop in on Ford regaling his decommissioned bartender buddy, Old Bill, with another fucked-up story from his childhood. Apparently, he and his brother let their greyhound loose and watched it decimate a local cat… The veil on this metaphor is so thin it’s getting a spread in King Magazine. "

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An Open Letter to “Undateable Blerd Men”: It’s Not Us, It’s You

"But I get it. Sometimes acknowledging the complexities of human emotions and relations requires too much brain power. That whole “understanding another person” thing takes a long time — better to make sweeping generalizations about entire races of women rather than see what you might be lacking, because according to everybody, especially relationship geniuses like Steve Harvey, Tyrese, Rev Run, and tweetin-from-my-futon Twitter"

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An Open Letter to Supergirl’s Superman: Boi, You Got a Donk

"The unusual? Jimmy Olsen towering over Clark Kent. Which I’m okay with. Who would expect Superman to be the dude who needs help reaching the top shelf?"

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All My Role Models Are Evil: How a Lack of Representation Birthed a Supervillain

"When I found Clarence off doing something that was definitely not rescuing me, I swore right then that I would never be the damsel in distress again. But those early days watching weekday and Saturday cartoons of the early 90s didn’t give me many alternatives."

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Girl, Break Up with Him: ‘Malcolm & Marie’ Review

"Malcolm & Marie is a really good short that keeps going for another hour and twenty minutes. The artistic endeavor, the result of Covid-era boredom and big Hollywood money, is indulgent and claustrophobic. "

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