"We drop in on Ford regaling his decommissioned bartender buddy, Old Bill, with another fucked-up story from his childhood. Apparently, he and his brother let their greyhound loose and watched it decimate a local cat… The veil on this metaphor is so thin it’s getting a spread in King Magazine. "

Westworld Recap: Contrapasso

"Malcolm & Marie is a really good short that keeps going for another hour and twenty minutes. The artistic endeavor, the result of Covid-era boredom and big Hollywood money, is indulgent and claustrophobic. "

Girl, Break Up with Him: ‘Malcolm & Marie’ Review

"When I found Clarence off doing something that was definitely not rescuing me, I swore right then that I would never be the damsel in distress again. But those early days watching weekday and Saturday cartoons of the early 90s didn’t give me many alternatives."

All My Role Models Are Evil: How a Lack of Representation Birthed a Supervillain

"The unusual? Jimmy Olsen towering over Clark Kent. Which I’m okay with. Who would expect Superman to be the dude who needs help reaching the top shelf?"

An Open Letter to Supergirl’s Superman: Boi, You Got a Donk

"But I get it. Sometimes acknowledging the complexities of human emotions and relations requires too much brain power. That whole “understanding another person” thing takes a long time — better to make sweeping generalizations about entire races of women rather than see what you might be lacking, because according to everybody, especially relationship geniuses like Steve Harvey, Tyrese, Rev Run, and tweetin-from-my-futon Twitter"

An Open Letter to “Undateable Blerd Men”: It’s Not Us, It’s You